Modern Dentistry - White, brighter, more beautiful smiles



Tooth Whitening: 

At Today's Family Dental we do both the one-appointment in-office whitening for white teeth in only one hour and the take home whitening trays to give you the same great smile in only a few days. Even gray or yellow teeth can be returned to whiter, brighter appearance!  Talk to us about which option would work best for you.


Straight Teeth with No Metal Braces:

We provide Invisalign treatment to gently move your teeth so they look better and improve your bite in only a few short months. No “metal mouth!” Invisalign is the invisible, comfortable, removable way to give you a perfect smile without all the hassles and expense of metal braces.  With Invisalign you can eat whatever you want without worrying about getting food stuck in your braces. You can also brush and floss just as you do now. We offer affordable payment plans to meet your budget! Call us to see what “invisible braces” offers you!


Tooth Bonding and Porcelain Veneers:

Even straight teeth may not look beautiful if they are chipped, stained or cracked. Direct tooth bonding or porcelain veneers can give you a Hollywood Smile in only one or two appointments! Our dentists use the latest Smile Design methods to create a beautiful smile that fits your face and your mouth. This is how our smile experts can combine the art and the science of modern dentistry to give you a perfect smile!


All Porcelain Crowns:

Modern, all porcelain crowns look like real teeth without gray lines at the gum line. The all porcelain crowns also match your other teeth much better than older crowns. Metal is fine for forks and spoons, but it is no longer desirable in the mouth. Ask us about all the advantages of Metal Free Dentistry.


Mercury Free Fillings:

Years ago, mercury silver fillings were the best we had for fixing cavities in back teeth. They worked but they were sure ugly!  These days no one wants an ugly black filling to detract from a smile. In our office, we offer several beautiful, long lasting alternatives to yesterday’s dentistry!


Dentures and Partial Dentures:

One of the best kept dental secrets is that dentures don’t have to make you miserable! George Washington had legendary problems with his false teeth. But you don’t have to! Our doctors have the training and experience to provide beautiful and comfortable dentures that allow you to eat the foods you enjoy without the embarrassment. We can also make removable partial dentures without ugly metal clasps. We couldn’t help George Washington with his denture problems but we can certainly help you! 


Dental Implants:

Whether you are missing a single tooth or all your teeth, dental implants provide the ideal, modern, long-lasting and esthetic solution to old style dental options. They do not involve any treatment to your natural teeth but feel as comfortable and stable as a very strong natural tooth. With modern placement techniques, dental implants give you the most long-lasting dentistry we can provide.  They do not “wear out” or get cavities. Contact us at Today's Family Dental for a free consultation to see what modern, affordable dental implants can offer you!


What is Metal Free Dentistry and Why Do You Care?  

In the old days, metal was used in almost all dental treatment. Mercury – silver fillings were the most common way to fix cavities for over 100 years. Nickel, chrome and aluminum were used for removable partial dentures and as support under old-style porcelain crowns and bridges. Although some people have been concerned about the possible health risks from metal used in dentistry, the most common concern is about the appearance of metal in the mouth – it is ugly! Who wants an unattractive black filling in any tooth, especially one that other people see when you smile or talk? Even when others can’t see the filling itself, it would often discolor the tooth and make them look gray, dark and unappealing.