Fresh Breath and Healthy Mouth


Bad mouth odors?

Bad mouth odors are often caused by tooth decay and gum problems. They are usually a sign of dental disease.  The good news is that in our office the cause of bad mouth odors is cured with a few affordable visits. Not even your dog wants “dog breath!”  Talk to one of our experienced doctors!  They can help – this is what they do!


Concerned you might need gum surgery?

We have some good news for you!  These days, with modern non-surgical gum treatments, most people do not require periodontal (gum) surgery to keep their teeth for a lifetime.


Will a Mouthwash Help? 

No over the counter mouthwashes have been shown to have any benefits for gum problems. However, there are some prescription mouthwashes we sometimes prescribe that can help. Also, an over the counter, non-prescription mouthwash that contains fluoride can be very helpful preventing new dental cavities. For people who get frequent cavities, often due to medications or a dry mouth, there are prescription mouthwashes that help.