Advanced DentalTechnology in Morristown


Digital X-Rays

Thanks to new technologies, our patients receive the highest quality dental X-rays with approximately 90% less radiation than film X-Rays. Another benefit is improved diagnostics due to the incredible detail and resolution of these images. This enables us to better discover cavities, abnormalities and other dental lesions and pathologies such as cysts. The process of digital radiography itself is similar to traditional X-rays with the exception that dental assistant inserts a digital sensor instead of traditional film into the patient’s mouth to capture image of his teeth. The sensor sends an image to the computer, to which it is connected. After seconds, image is projected on a screen for our doctors to view and diagnose. They are also displayed on Hi-Definition L.E.D. monitors, where we will review and concisely explain our findings to you.

Benefits of Use

The benefits of digital x-rays are quite obvious. In addition to patient exposure being reduced to 90% less radiation than film X-rays, they produce a higher quality image. Color, contrast, brightness can also be adjusted Dental X-rays are better for the environment since no chemicals are used to develop the film. We can also easily email these images making it much easier to transfer dental records among doctors. Dental radiographs are an important part of your regular dental checkups.

Intraoral Cameras

Intra-Oral Camera Benefits

The intra-oral camera makes going to the dentist easier for both the patient and the dental health provider. By using intra-oral cameras, we enable our patients to be more interactive in the exam process, which provides them with a greater sense of understanding and responsibility about their dental health. Although a traditional visual inspection of the teeth may have sufficed in the past, technology has made it possible for dentists and patients to reap many more benefits from each health exam.

Early Detection of Dental Health Problems

The intra-oral camera enlarges the inside of the teeth to more than 40 times their actual size on a full color screen display. By zooming in on problem areas in affecting the teeth, dentists are capable of seeing much more than they could with the human eye alone. Often, dentists find the beginnings of periodontal disease or tooth decay that would have otherwise gone undetected if examined without the intra-oral camera.

Patient-Doctor Interaction

The intra-oral camera also serves as an educational tool. In the past, dentists have struggled to explain dental decay and other health problems to patients. Most people cannot see well into their own mouths, which left dentists to drawing diagrams or using props to attempt to explain what is going on in the mouth of their patients.

However, now, with the intra-oral camera, our patients see precisely what we dentist see, on one of our hi- definition L.E.D. monitors. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. This also frees the patient to ask questions and become a part of the examination process. When we point out specific areas on our patient’s teeth that are decaying, they then have a better idea of how their home hygiene practices and brushing techniques affecting them.

Excellent Documentation

The intra-oral camera makes documentation a breeze. Images can be taken and chronologically archived in our patient’s records. This enables us to accurately track the progress of treatments or problems for years following our patient’s visits. Additionally, this images are beneficial for filing dental insurance claims.


Vibrasthetic Pain-Free injections

Pain Free dental injections

At Today’s Family Dental your comfort and well being is extremely important when you are in our care. Each patient has their own level of tolerance for discomfort. To help minimize any discomfort to patients, we offer the Vibrasthetic System. This device is used for “pain-free” injections. The device uses a vibration to block the sensation of pain so patient perception of the dental injection is markedly reduced. Our patients love the Vibrasthetic system. It’s gentle, fast, and safe.

Flat Screen TV and Music

We take every effort to make you comfortable in every way. Every treatment room has large, hi-definition screens with Blu Ray payers so you can watch your favorite T.V. show or movie while you are being treated. You can bring one of your own videos, or choose one from our selection. If T.V. isn’t your thing, no worries, We will play your choice of music on our music system. Either way, you are covered!

T.D.P Dental Savings Plan

We are very proud to announce our Today’s Family Dental Discount Plan (T.D.P.). With T.D.P., a family of four could easily save over $1,200 a year!  Plus… your dental savings plan membership fee includes a Preventive Dental Care Package: 2 teeth cleanings, 2 Dr.s’ exams and all needed x-rays at these visits. You will also be entitled to significant discounts on ALL other dental procedures. One low initial fee covers you for an entire year! Unlike dental insurance, there is no waiting period, no yearly maximum, no hidden fees, no treatment rejections and no monthly premiums. Pay only for services needed. Call us NOW to start saving!

White For Life Whitening Program

Patients love our “White For Life” program. For one low fee, you receive a take home whitening kit. Then, you receive free whitening trays at EVERY hygiene recall visit. This will surely keep your teeth their whitest for life!